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1. A new English -Chinese dictionary will soon ________ out .

A. work B. come C. give D. hand

2. As time went on, the theory she had stuck ________ correct .

A. proved B. to proving C. to proved D. to prove

3. The huge fire is reported to have _______ more than 300 people dead.

A. remained B. kept C. left D. had

4. ----- The art exhibition ______ by me _______ a great success .

----- __________ !

A. run, promises, Congratulations B. made, whishes, Congratulations

C. run, expects , Congratulation D. made , seems , Congratulation

5. ----- What's wrong with the book?

----- One page is ________ .

A. disappeared B. losing C. missing D. disappearing

答案 1—10 BCCAC

6. Before she went abroad she spent as much time as she could _____ English .

A. practise to speak B. practising speaking

C. practise speaking D. to practise speaking

7. ----- Did you say you like the film TINATIC?

----- _______. I said it's not bad .

A. Not exactly B. I don't know why C. You're great D. That's all right

8. I don't think he could have done such a stupid thing last night, _______ ?

A. do I B. could he C. has he D. did he

9. It was until last year hat he ________.

A.left his home town for a new start

B. came to realize the importance of learning English

C. worked as an English teacher at a middle school D. set out to build a new house of his own

10. A telephone call ______ him hurrying to his home town .

A. made B. force C. sent D. let


11. ----- Did you have ______ difficulty talking to the foreigner ?

----- No. I only could not follow him when he spoke too fast .

A. any B. a C. some D. much

12. The old lady has never ________ the house since she moved in.

A. been away B. left C. lived D. stayed at

13. ----- We're sure of winning the match.

----- _______. We'll meet our match.

A. Don't be so sure B. So are we C. It's out of question D. I think so

14. I have no one ______ me , for I can deal with it all by myself .

A. help B. to help C. helped D. to have helped

15. I'd ________ them to stay at home the whole day.

A. rather B. better C. prefer D. agree



Ira Carlin, worldwide media director of the world’s _1__ advertising agency, Mocn Erickson is quite candid about using fear to sell message about the communications revolution.

one prediction shows that 55 percent of advertising by volume will be carried on the Internet _2_2005. Consumers will have control and choice of communication; they will also have control over _3__ advertisements they watch, and how. But that will only_4__ to the “information enabled”, says Carlin. “There’ll be an upstairs-downstairs schism…The widening _5__between the information enabled and information disenabled is going to be a greater social problem_6_ any seeming social problem we’ve ever had in the past, _7_ racial and _8_ problems.”

Look at what is already happening, Carlin says. _9_ in Manhattan, he can choose the way he receives his daily news. He can open his front door and pick up his own personal copy station of the New York Times. He can _10_ the radio station of the New York Times, and listen to the same news. “or I can simply click into newyorktimes.com on the Internet and get the print_11_; or hear the audio files or see the video _12_ the New York Times stringers have supplied, through my computer. It’s the same news, but I choose the media modality.”

The revolution goes _13_. Carlin’s computer can currently stream videos to him at 22 frames per second, _14_ the picture big enough to occupy one-quarter to one third of the monitor screen. “Six months from now, I guarantee it, I will be able to _15_ a full-screen video at 30 frames per second. That means I’ll be watching television, but I’ll be getting it _16_ telephone connection.” McCann Detroit, says Carlin, _17_the world’s first video ad, in early 1997, on pointcast.com is a free news and information service, “fully _18_ by advertising.” It was _19_ in early 1996 and has 2.1 million subscribers in the US. pointcast.com uses a special software program to work out _20_ ads a person might be interested in, by monitoring their selection of news and information on the Net, “I do a lot of technology and marketing work,” says Carlin. “Because of that, the computer program think I’m rich,. It sends me stockbroker ads and technology ads.”

1. A. large B.largest C.larger D. the largest

2. A. by B. at C. on D. in

3. A. that B. which C. who D. what

4. A. apply B. belong C. cater D. use

5. A.different B. gap C. relationship D. distance

6. A. as B. to C. that D .than

7. A. include B. including C. included D. include

8. A.econmy B. economic C. economical D. economically

9. A. living B. live C. to live D. lived

10. A. tune to B .turn in C. tune at D. turn on

11. A. electronically B. electronic C. electronics D. electron

12. A. who B. where C. that D. what

13. A farther B. furthest C. farthest D. further

14. A at B . without C. with D. within

15. A . accept B. admit C . recall D . receive

16. A. through B. throughout C. thorough D. thoroughly

17. A. put on B. put off C. put out D. put up

18. A. support B. to support C. supported D. supporting

19. A set off B. set out C. et in D. set up

20. A that B. what C which D. who


1. B. 这句话的意思是: 爱拉.凯琳,世界上最大的广告代理公司的董事长. 根据文意,此处应该用最高级.

2. A. 这句话的意思是: 一项预测表明,到2005年, 有55%的广告将在因特网上发布. In,on 表示具体的时间. By表示 “到…为止”.

3. D. 这句话的意思是: 顾客将拥有对通信的控制和选择权;他们也将对看什么广告和如何看广告拥有控制权.此处是what引导的宾语从句. what起连接作用,并做watch的宾语.

4. A. 这句话的意思是: 但是那仅仅对 “可信息化”是适用的. Apply to适用于, belong to属于, cater to迎合.

5. B. 这句的意思是:可信息化和不可信息化之间越来越大的差距将是一个过去表面的社会问题(包括种族和经济问题)更加严重的社会问题. difference指差别,不同, gap 指缺口,差距,间隙. relationship 指关系,关联. distance指(具体的)距离.

6. D 句子意思同5此句出现了形容词的比较级greater,所以要用连词 than 引导状语.

7. B 句子意思同5.现在分词including引导的短语作social problem 的定语.

8. B句子意思同5. economy指经济, economic 指经济的,经济学的. economical 指 节约的. economically 指经济地,经济学得,是副词.此处指经济问题,所以要用形容词economic.

9. A 这句的意思是:住在曼哈顿,他可以选择接收每日新闻的方式.此处是非谓语动词引导的短语,既现在分词作状语(因为主句的主语和从句的逻辑主语一致,而且此句说的是目前的一般状况).

10. A 这句的意思是:他可以收听 纽约时报 广播站,也可以收听同一新闻.Turn to 的意思是收听. Turn on 的意思是 打开 (收音机等)

11. A 这句的意思是:或者我可以点击进入因特网上的NEWYoRKTIMES.CoM 网站,以电子方式得到印刷品.此处给出了electron (电子)的不同词性的同根词. electronically 为副词,指电子地. electronic 为形容词,指电子的. electronics 为名词,指 电子学.原文中要修饰 get the print, 所以要选择副词.

12. C 这句的意思是:或者收听 纽约时报 特约记者提供的音频文件,或者收看 纽约时报 特约记者提供的视频文件.此空需要填一个能引导定语从句的关系代词.被选答案中只有who 和 that可以引导定语从句,此处先行词是物,所以用that, that 在从句中作宾语.

13. D 这句的意思是:通讯革命进一步发展.根据文意,此处表示通讯革命更进一步,所以只有further 符合此意.farther和 farthest 是 far的比较级和最高级.分别指 “ 更远的” 和 “最远的”. 比如:He has decided to take further study on computer next year. 他已经决定明年接着学习计算机。He is too tired to go any farther. 他太累了,再也走不动了。

14. C 这句的意思是:目前卡林的计算机可以以每秒22祯的'速度为他传送图象,使图片足够大,可以占据1/4-1/3的监视器屏幕.with 表示 “伴随着,带有,包含”,只有它符合题意.

15. D 这句的意思是: 我保证,从现在起的六个月后,我将可以接收每秒30祯的满屏幕的视频图象.此处指 “接收视频,节目等”,所以选receive. accept 接受, admit承认,接纳,recall 回忆,召回,唤回.

16. A 这句话的意思是: 那意味着我可以看电视,但是我将通过电话连接看电视. through 通过,经由; throughout 到处;thorough 十分的,彻底的; thoroughly 副词形式. 此处表示通过电话连接,所以选择through.

17. C 这句话的意思是McCann Detroit公司在1997年年初发布了世界上第一部视频广告. put on穿上(衣服),put off 脱下(衣服),推迟,拖延; put out 发布,发表,播出,出版,发行; put up 举起,抬起,搭建.

18. D 这句话的意思是: pointcast.com是一个提供免费新闻和信息服务的网站, “完全靠广告支持.”根据意思, 选表示被动的supported.

19. D 这句话的意思是:这个网站在1996年年初建立,在美国拥有210万用户.set off出发,动身;set out出发,展示; set in开始,上涨; set up建立设立.

20. B pointcast.com是专门的软件程序制作人们可能感兴趣的广告.从句的前面没有先行词,所以不是定语从句,此处应该是what引导的宾语从句.